Conditions of receipt

Many microfinance companies offer a microloan without refusal and verification. Now you can make a microloan with a bad credit history remotely.

To obtain required:

  •  Examine the offers of all companies
  • Each company offers a microloan online on its own terms. Some companies are ready to apply for the first loan completely free of charge, which is very beneficial for the borrower. Only after studying all the proposals should make a choice.

 Register on the official website of the microfinance company

On the main page of the site microfinance companies offer to calculate overpayment instantly depending on the loan period. After you need to register and get access to the client’s personal account. Upon registration, you must provide personal data and contact information.

 Fill out an application

On the main page you will need to fill out a questionnaire so that the company can analyze the data and determine the amount of the contract. The form should correctly indicate:

  • surname, name and patronymic;
  • date and place of birth;
  • place of actual residence and registration;
  • the name of the company in which they are employed;
  • position held and salary amount;
  • marital status and number of children;
  • the number and size of existing obligations;
  • education;
  • additional contacts of relatives or friends.

Some companies issue microloans only after quality documents are provided. You will need to make high-quality photos of the card, passport and upload them to your personal account.

Additionally, companies may request a photo of a personal card to which the money will be transferred.

 To be tested

Many companies issue online microloans in minutes, while others pre-study documents and call the customer. During a phone call, company employees may ask:

  • what purposes an instant loan is needed for;
  • did you use microloans before or for the first time;
  • what means do you plan to pay off the debt.

According to the results of communication, an employee of a microfinance company will announce a decision whether micro-loan is approved or not.

 Choose a method of receiving money

For convenience, microfinance institutions offer several ways to obtain an approved loan:

  • on a name card;
  • on the identified electronic purse;
  • to a bank account;
  • through the system of money transfer.

If it is more convenient for you to get a loan to the card without refusal, you will need to authorize the card. For authorization you need:

  • specify card details;
  • expiration date and name of the owner.

After entering the necessary information, the system will write the amount of up to 10 dollars from the card to check the card and return it within a few minutes.

 Sign a loan agreement

After receiving a positive decision will remain to sign a loan agreement and get the money. The document is signed online using a secret code, which will be sent to the phone as a message.

To obtain a loan without refusal, without verification, you must meet the requirements of the lender. Minimum requirements for the borrower:

  • age from 18 to 70 years;
  • permanent registration;
  • the presence of American citizenship;
  • permanent employment;
  • stable source of income.

It is possible to get a microloan without checks, provided that:

The amount under the contract does not exceed 15 000 dollars. Regular customers can get loans on the card up to 30 000 dollars.

The term is not more than 30 days. If necessary, the period can always be extended.

Penalty from 0.05% per day of the amount of the debt, if the terms of payment are violated.

Advantages and disadvantages


  •  Loyal attitude. Not only citizens who are not officially employed, but also borrowers with a damaged credit history can get quick help. Microfinance organizations are ready to meet everyone.
  •  Convenient design. To obtain a loan you do not need to go to the office of the lender and personally ask for money in debt. The entire lending procedure takes place in a convenient online mode.
  •  Minimum documents. No more need to collect references from work and to prove employment. Microfinance company enough passport and additional document of the borrower.
  •  24 hour service. Funds in debt are issued 24 hours a day on any day of the week.


  • Rate. Microfinance companies daily accrue a large percentage of the amount of debt. The annual rate can reach 730.00 percent, which is significantly higher than the rate on ordinary loans at the bank.
  • Microloans are suitable for those clients who cannot get a bank loan due to a damaged credit history. Also, the service is useful to citizens who need the funds “just yesterday” and there is no possibility to contact the bank for help.

Borrow money on a card without checking US credit history

It is much easier to get money on a card without a credit history check at an installment loan than at a bank. This is due primarily to a much smaller number of requirements for a potential client. In fact, in most cases it is enough for him to simply present a passport or provide passport information, as well as possess a card. It does not conduct a credit history check, and does not require collateral for a loan or a permanent source of income.


In recent years, the number of people who have had problems with different financial structures at different times has grown significantly. Obviously, such borrowers with a bad credit history are finding it much harder to get money on the card when they go to the bank. As a result, a loan in the form of a pledge or surety is required to approve the application. Today, not every potential borrower is able to fulfill such conditions. Therefore, he has no choice but to apply to a microfinance organization.

Cooperation with the installment loan provides the borrower with a loan if necessary, by crediting it to the card urgently and without verification, a number of other advantages:

application online or by phone. The possibility of teleworking a loan for receiving money on credit with a card is one of the main reasons for the popularity and demand for microfinance credit organizations;

urgent decision on the transaction. As a rule, approval of the loan is reported to the client literally within a few minutes after the online application has been submitted;

minimum requirements for approval of the transaction. Often they are limited to providing passport data. Much less often data on the second document is required (American passport). The only mandatory condition is almost always – registration in the city where the installment loan branch operates, where the person turned. A check of such a parameter as a credit history is not performed;

choice of option to get money. Today, the easiest and most convenient way is to make urgent payments to the card. It also runs online, and very quickly.

The simplicity and copayday loanrt of working with microfinance organizations has led to the wide distribution of such companies. The number of working installment loans has become so great that the supervisory authorities had to take measures to restrict their activities and increase control over them. As a result, in 2017 alone, about 28% of various microfinance credit enterprises that violated work were closed. However, the number of installment loan clients is constantly increasing, almost reaching the figure of 5 million dollars in early 2017.


When receiving an urgent loan of money from a microfinance company, either in cash or on a card, the borrower must understand that the interest rate on the loan in this case is much higher than that usually set by the bank. Therefore, it is extremely important to make all the necessary payments on time, otherwise the already bad credit history can become even worse, and the payment of interest, combined with penalties, will turn into an unbearable financial burden for the borrower.

Considering the above, it is necessary to contact the installment loan for money on the card only as a last resort, when cooperation with the bank is almost impossible due to a bad credit history and the unreality of provision of a loan. At the same time, the use of a plastic card for both receiving money and repaying debt is very convenient. Therefore, it is this option to take the money chosen by most borrowers, making the card the most popular payment tool in the country.