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The credit rating does not form a credit history bureau. This is only the base where the data on borrowers sent by banks is stored. Later, when a client re-applies for cash to a credit institution, the specialist makes a request to the credit history in order to find out, on the basis of the available information, how conscientiously you paid for past loans. Get a loan with a bad credit history, incl. with open delinquencies is difficult – this is unconditional. It is this part of the population that becomes most vulnerable to fraudsters who promise to correct or remove negative entries from the database for a certain reward. This can not be done, even with “friends”.

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To amend your information can only be the one who sent it to the credit history, that is, the bank. Therefore, it is better to forget about illegal methods of obtaining a loan with a bad history and delinquencies, and try to do it legally, which is quite realistic for many.

If you need a loan (Texas) note, that:

  • Texas doesn’t limit the amount of money you can borrow, but it does regulate how long you can take to pay it back. Here’s how it breaks down.

Payday loan consolidation Texas:

If there are open arrears, try submitting a loan refinancing request to correct the situation. But this can be done, if a little time has passed since the scheduled payment date. For clients with already damaged credit history, we recommend:

  • contact a bank that works with debtors;
  • try to get a credit card;
  • take a commodity loan;
  • provide a pledge;
  • contact a payday loan company.

In which bank can you borrow money from a damaged credit history

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There are several approaches that will allow you to get money with a negative rating:

  • the bank you applied to does not work with the credit history in which your file is stored;
  • the company is focused on issuing expensive cash loans and does not always carefully check customer information;
  • the lender differentiates borrowers and understands that in the past you were in a difficult situation;
  • the bank increases lending rates by increasing its customer base, issues money at very high rates, and therefore prefers to take risks and work with debtors.

Payday loan companies Texas  loyal to the delay:

City Bank

What payday loans are working with debtors

Even easier to get a microloan in one of the payday loans. This can be done remotely without visiting the office. You are guaranteed to get money, but the first time you should not count on a large amount and term. Maximum – 500 dollars for 2 weeks. This is the most reasonable way to correct credit history. Recently, microfinance organizations have obliged to transfer information about customers in thecredit history. Paying the debt without delay, you will block the early negative records, thereby increasing the chances of obtaining a regular bank loan in the future.

How to reduce the risk of denial of credit?

The reasons for the refusal to apply for a loan may be different, but knowing some rules, you can reduce the risks of their appearance.

Loans of $100 or less: You have a maximum of one month per $10, up to six months to pay it back.

More than $100: You have a maximum of one month per $20 to pay it back.

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The loan application must be filled out carefully, any mistake can make the lender think that you decided to provide false information, that is, to hold the bank. Yes, and the inattention of the borrower shows it from the negative side – the responsible client will not hand over documents without careful verification. Do not try to hide any data about yourself either. For example, the deprivation of a driver’s license. On checking the borrower by the security service of the bank, this is likely to open up and cause a denial of the loan. The bank may also think that you want to deceive him because of more serious violations.

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In order to increase the chances of getting an urgent loan, you can bring in the bank, in addition to a passport and income certificate, additional documents: passport, utility bills, documentary certificates of previous loans repayment on time. In general, everything that can show you from the positive side.

If you have movable and immovable property, be it a house, a car, an apartment, deposits or precious metals, be sure to bring documents to the bank that indicate its ownership. This confirms the presence of a permanent income, and also convinces that you know how to control your finances. In this case, the bank can offer you a more favorable interest rate on the loan.

The size of the salary is of great importance. After all, the percentage of approval of the loan depends on how much the borrower earns. If you have a second salary, it is useful to indicate and certify with relevant documents. A certificate of the basic salary, if possible, must be done in the form 2-NDFL.

A good credit history is a great advantage for a bank borrower. Sometimes it turns out that the data on the repayment of past loans do not come on time or with errors. Therefore, it is necessary to check your credit history every year. If you find any errors, you need to write in the CRI a statement about its correction. Do not underestimate the effect of negative information on the adoption of a banking decision. If the credit history is corrupted, then you will have to look for a credit organization among many options. You may not receive a positive response in obtaining a loan soon. And the bank that agrees to issue a loan will surely ask for a large percentage.

When underwriting (checking the borrower) you must confidently answer all questions. It is important to take care of how you look in advance. A business suit and clean shoes will be a big advantage in this matter.

You can increase your chances of getting a loan by contacting a banking organization where you have an account. Deposits, payment cards, the presence of salary cards in the bank – all this will help you in a quicker processing of the loan, because trust in an existing client is higher. In addition, in this situation, the tank may issue a loan at a more profitable percentage.

Compliance with these simple rules can not guarantee the provision of a loan, but it minimizes the risk of failure.