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Typical charges which will help you to understand that you need payday advance loans (Iowa)

One of the spouses blames the second for a small salary or blames the loss of work. Most often such accusations can be heard from the wives, since traditionally men are considered to be the breadwinners. Bitter, offensive and caustic reproaches pour constantly. There are scandals. Can this motivate a man to look for income, a new job or an opportunity to earn money? Can. But this is not the ideal way.

One half of the couple blames the other for the waste of family funds. Such charges can be addressed to both husband and wife. “I took a microcredit, I bought a gas pump in Iowa for my carriage, but I have nothing to go to work for,” “I took out a loan, bought blouses and all kinds of perfumery, but there is no money for a gas pump, the car is worthless.” Children become the favorite (and justified) argument in the rightness of each. “There is nothing for children to eat or wear,” “there is nothing to pay for kindergarten,” “I would rather have bought a toy for a child” —the usual accusations.

The third group of accusations is related to the fact that the spouses did not agree at the very beginning of family life about the rules for forming a “family boiler” and about who and how controls the overall budget. Money begins to hide from each other and spend at their discretion. Quarrels begin about how much each spouse spends “on itself.”

How to prevent quarrels and scandals over money in case of financial difficulties

Here are just the most basic tips. They are simple. Surely many families live in a completely conflict-free situation precisely because they publicly or tacitly established these rules in their families. However, it is never too late to start over.

Be extremely frank in financial matters, trust is the basis of everything. No secrets from each other. You are a team, only together you can overcome a difficult period in your life. No need to hide the left income or make secret purchases. Discuss every little thing, do not argue, look for a compromise.

Take control of your debts in common hands. Mortgage means that you live in this apartment together, consumer loans helped you to buy the things you use together and so on. Microcredits (Iowa or regions, absolutely unimportant) served common family goals. Do not assume that the loan is “yours” and the loan is “mine.” This is non-constructive. Debts should be “ours.”

Do not interfere with a third party as judges or witnesses in conflicts or quarrels. Mother-in-law, brothers, godfathers and mother-in-law can help you with advice or even money, but they have their own families, so let them solve their problems there.

Enter cost sharing planning. This is a very effective way to coordinate the realization of needs and desires. Talk about it, discuss, but constructively, without disputes and conflicts. Be able to back down if necessary.

If you have common goals in life, this is great (strictly speaking, if they are not there, then this is no longer called a family). The main goal at the moment should be simple – to deal with debts and raise the level of material well-being, earn money, ensure a decent standard of quality of life. This is called the material well-being of the family and is the most natural goal of all. If you have a mutual desire, then everything will work out for you.

Never forget that money is not the basis of a family, although it is difficult to live without it. The family should be based on mutual respect and trust, love and affection, and conscious partnership. Remember what unites you: children, hobbies, views on life, education, sex, your love story and so on. It all weighs significantly more than money.

Payday loans  sincerely hopes that your family ship will sail through any financial storms and will not crash into debt reefs. If love and mutual understanding reign in the family, it will overcome all difficulties.

Payday loans are legal in Iowa. Iowa Code Ann. 533D.1 et seq. The Delayed Deposit Services Licensing Act governs the all payday lenders in Iowa. Lenders must be licensed and physically located in Iowa in order to finance loans.

Do you know about the 50/20/30 formula – easy payday loans Iowa

  • Five main regulations for Iowa payday loans
  • Maximum loan: $500
  • Loan Term: 31 days
  • APR: A 14-day $100 loan is 433%
  • Finance fees: $15 for loans up to $100; $10 per every additional $100
  • Collection fees: Lenders may charge one $15 non-sufficient funds (NSF) fee

This is one of the rules of personal budget management. First you need to determine your net income (it does not matter, from one source or several) net of taxes.

The amount of monthly income should be distributed as follows:

50% to live. These are food, clothing, apartment rental, washing powder and detergents, household items, medical and transportation costs, communications, minor repairs. Do not forget about payments for utilities!

20% will go to pay debts. It is necessary to repay the mortgage, mini loans on the card online, replenish credit cards and so on.

30% can be spent on entertainment and recreation, shopping fashion clothes and gadgets, trips to the skating rink, in the cinema and in a cafe, visiting the pool and so on.

The 50/20/30 formula itself is not bad (I wonder who the author is?), But does it work in times of crisis and how universal is it? Why did the author of this principle completely forget about savings and savings? Let’s try to adapt the formula.

Formula for a personal budget when a crisis occurs

So, you need to take into account the onset of times when revenues are reduced or frozen, and one day they may disappear altogether.

How to distribute income so that you don’t have to regret it in the future?

50% still goes to life. Expenditures do not change.

20% goes to pay off debts. There is one small thing: the formula works if the debt load is really equal to 20% of the income. If more, the percentage increases accordingly. Mortgage and short-term mini-loan on the card online must be repaid first. Need to avoid slipping into debt. Of course, in this situation it is not necessary to take consumer loans, so as not to increase the debt burden. It is better to refuse credit plastic for a while. The annual maintenance of a credit card is not very expensive, unless the agreement provides otherwise, it can be “frozen” for a certain period, or even terminated the agreement with the bank ahead of schedule.

10% are set aside. A financial safety cushion is formed in case the revenues are further reduced. This money will help to survive difficult times. If you can postpone more than 10%, postpone.

10% will go to purchases and expenses, without which it is difficult to do. This is a replacement or repair of worn out household appliances, the purchase of things necessary for life, without which it is difficult to do, but if it becomes very bad with money, you don’t buy it.

10% can still be allocated to rest. This is not much, but you need to try to choose such entertainment and leisure activities that are cheaper. Refuse from restaurants and the purchase of elite alcohol, trips to foreign resorts or trips to the fashionable water park.