Do you need a loan in  District of Columbia?

There are several options: friends / acquaintances, bank, pawnshop or financial institution of payment loan companies in  District of Columbia. The latter are actively offering loans online today. On the one hand, it is convenient and fast. All you need is a passport, tax ID and bank card. He clarified his data, 10-15 minutes and the money on the card. There is no need to go anywhere. On the other hand, it is expensive. These loans are issued at too high rates, and I personally consider them evil in their pure form. They are justified if the money is needed very, very briefly. But in life there are such things.

Prior to that, he had experience in using the services of one of the microfinance organizations: “Best payday loans in Columbia”. The loan process is simple and does not require much time. I went to the company’s website and clicked on the “get guaranteed payday loans in Columbia” button.

Then specify the amount you wish to borrow. The service will block 1 dollar on your card (it is important that it is there) to verify and freeze it, thinking if it is necessary to issue money or not. In my case, it has been less than a minute since the request was sent to a message that it was approved.

The first time I borrowed $ 1000. It was convenient, fast and cheap. Cheap, because Colombian payday loan gives 0.01% per day. As a result, after 10 days I had to pay a little more than a dollar. Totally loyal But then they started offering me 1.3% per day. Also, for the second loan of $ 1,500, which I took for 15 days, I had to pay 410 dollars (1.82% per day).

To register a microloan or a cash payday in Columbia, you must specify the data:

  • Passports
  • Identification number;
  • Bank card (with a minimum balance of US $ 1 for verification);
  • About the workplace;
  • About the residence address;
  • On the marital status, the presence of children.

For some companies, this is enough. Others are more demanding and may require additional information. To check this, you can even call. A similar ban on payday loans in  District of Columbia, but they will request personal information from someone from their colleagues. However, this is not the most reliable method to verify a client, and it can be circumvented. Give, for example, contacts of friends. But this is not the only way to verify a customer. You may be asked to download a scanned document. Colombia is a prerequisite to obtaining a loan.

Payday advance loans Columbia

Payday loans for credit cards. Credit cards and their capabilities


All functions are standard and are connected at the time of registration of the card. This credit card can be freely used in supermarkets, shops, cafes, restaurants and other places.


This is a VIP-class plastic, which in addition to the standard includes additional features such as a taxi call, a personal assistant, etc. Also, the holders of such cards are provided with additional bonuses and special offers, and there is an opportunity to receive additional privileges in service.


Such credit cards are considered the most status and include opportunities for their owner.


They enable clients to receive discounts, bonuses, and participate in promotions from bank partners. Often, these cards collect various bonuses that can later be used for their own benefit.

The main parameters of the credit card

The main thing in distinguishing credit plastic cards is in the rates and terms of service. If the client is in search of favorable conditions for himself, then he should pay attention to the following parameters:

Grace period (grace period). This is a time period that allows the client to use credit funds without interest. On average, it is about 50-60 calendar days.

Rate. The lower this figure, the more profitable for the client. Also of great importance is the duration of the grace period. Often, cash withdrawn through a cashier or an ATM will earn additional interest.

Service fee. Card issuance at most banks is free of charge, but for additional services and services, each bank sets its own commission. For example, SMS-notifications, transfer or recharge cards. Payment of such functions may occur one-time, monthly or annually.

The size of the credit limit. It is individual for each client and depends on many parameters: monthly income (official or not), type of employment, position held, availability of a vehicle or real estate, as well as other sources of income.

Bonuses Additional parameters that the user receives (cashback, etc.). Also, the client has the opportunity to save points for using the card, which can then be spent on the exchange of goods or services.

Payday loan consolidation Columbia

If you do not have a credit card yet, but you urgently need money in debt, then contact Payday loans. We specialize in making quick loans on the card. In order to get guaranteed payday loans or pay cash loans in Columbia, you must perform the following steps:

  • register a personal account of the borrower on our website;
  • fill in the online application form, specifying your personal data;
  • specify bank card details
  • send a request for consideration.

You will receive a response to the appeal within 10-15 minutes. If approved, the money will instantly go to your card. After the transfer, you can spend them on their own.